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Adding Events
  • How do I add events?

    1. First check if the event hasn't already been submitted: Just search the city or the country of the event.

    2. Scroll down to the event date. Maybe you have to click "Show full year" before you get to the desired date.

    3. If the event is not on the list, click the sign in front of the desired date. The Add Event window pops up. Date, country and city are already filled in correctly!

    If you are in "Simple List Mode" click the black + sign at the beginning of an event entry.

    You can also click Add Event in the main menu, but you have to fill in date, country and city yourself.

  • What event info is essential?

    When you add an event, the essential info is:

    Date, City and Contact Info - and of course the Event Title.

    Still very import, but not essential: Event Location and Time.

    If any part of the event hasn't been set, enter tba (to be announced).

  • Any time-savers for adding events?

    - Leave country blank. No need to fill in the country for major cities. eg. if you enter Chicago in the city field, you can leave the country field blank. The system will fill the country field accordingly.


    - City Shortcuts. For some major cities it's enough to enter one- or two-letter shortcuts. eg. if you enter ny in the city field the system will change the city to New York and auto-fill the country-field to United States. Currently available shortcuts:

    City Shortcuts
    b Berlin
    ny New York
    l London
    la Los Angeles
    City Shortcuts
    p Paris
    r Roma
    sf San Francisco



    - Country Shortcuts. You can use top-level-domains as country shortcuts. eg. instead of typing germany into the country field you can just type de.


    - One-Click Date & Time Pickers. Use the One-Click date and time picker to select a date and time with just one mouse-click (javascript required).


    - Pre-filled Date, City, Country. Do a search in the relevant city or country. Then just click the sign in front of the desired date.

    The Add Event window pops up. Date, country and city are already filled in correctly!


    - Add a Quick Event. Click on Quick in the main menu.

    Just paste a full event description and click Add Event(s). No need to fill in date, city, location, title...


    - Add an event by email. No logging in. No form-filling. Click on Email in the main menu for further instructions.

  • Can I add a list of events?

    YES. Just click Add List in the main menu.

    For event lists it's important to enter the first and the last event-date on the list.

    If you check "private" the event-list will only be visible for the administrator. You'll get your credits anyhow.

  • Can I add events via email?

    Yes! No logging in. No form-filling. Click Email in the main menu. Read instructions carefully. The format of the email subject MUST CONTAIN Date (yyyy-mm-dd), City and Event seperated by two hyphens --

    2008-03-27 -- New York -- Fashion Award

    It's very import to stick to that format - otherwise the system will reject the email.

  • Can I add events with my mobile device?

    Yes! Click Mobile in the main menu.

  • Can I upload an event file or invitation file (pdf, fax, image...) ?

    Yes! Click Upload in the main menu. Locate the file on your hard-drive and click Sumit File. Our administrators will extract the event info and post it to the calendar. All personal data in the file will be omitted!

  • I'm too busy to fill out forms! Any help?

    Yes! - If you're in a hurry click Quick in the main menu. You can just paste a complete event description. No need to separately fill in date, country, city, location etc. Not recommended, though! Only for the super-busy. You will get only half the regular credits after our admins convert the event to the calendar.

    You may also want to add an event via Email. No logging in. No form-filling. Click Email in the main menu. Read instructions carefully.

  • Can I edit or change my event after submission?

    Yes. Click the green EDIT Button.

    In the desktop version the EDIT button is on the top right of the event.

    In the mobile version the EDIT button is below the event.

  • Which events are appropriate?

    There's no definitive answer, but generally:

    1. By invitation only: YES!
    2. Public Access: NO!

    There are lots of exceptions for rule 2 though: Events which have media attention, society, vips and glamour.


    The grand premiere of .... YES!
    Just a regular performance of .... NO!

    And of course no private events like birthday parties, weddings, funerals etc.

Searching and Viewing Events
  • How do I search for events?

    There are two ways to search for events:
    Pre-defined Searches and the Search Form.


    Pre-defined Searches

    Pre-defined searches are defined in your preferences My  vipCal  > My Prefs. They show up in the second row of the main menu. Just click on a city or a country to start a search.


    The Search Box

    The search-form is initially hidden behind the main menu. Click on Search in the main menu to make it appear (Currently this works only in javascript enabled browser). Enter your search term and click on one of the three buttons: City, Country, Content. Don't hit the Return-Key - you may "press" the wrong button. Always click one of the buttons with the mouse.

  • Can I search several cities at once?

    Yes! They are called "city clusters". Go to My vipCal > My Prefs and define a "city cluster". eg. fill in:

    Big3:Los Angeles,Paris,London

    and hit "Save". In the main menu you'll now find a cluster called Big3. Click it to search in Los Angeles, Paris and London simultaniously.

  • Can I search several countries at once?
    Yes. Click on "Country: All" in the top menu.
  • Is there a simple and light event list for slow connections?

    Yes. Just click on the list icon to toggle between the calendar and a simple event list. This is especially useful for slow modem connections, mobile devices and people who like it simple. To go back to the calendar view, just click the list icon again.

    The system will remember your list mode, even after logging out.

  • Can I get a detailed list of all events on one day?
    Yes. Just click the weekday in the calendar, to get a detailed list of all events on that day.
  • Why can't I hit the BACK button after opening an event?
    It's not a bug, it's a feature. A click in the event list always opens a new window. To go back to the event list either close the newly opened window or switch to the still open event-list window in your browser tabs.
Checking Events
  • What are Event Checks?

    Sometimes events contain false info: Wrong time, wrong location, etc. To quickly identify wrong info you can CHECK an event.

    If you're sure there's false info, click the "FALSE" button at the top of the event page and add a comment about what's wrong.

    You'll get credits for an event CHECK.

  • What are credits?
    Credits are needed to access event details. One credit is worth one day of access. Thus, with 10 credits you have 10 days left to access event details. If you run out of credits, your access is set to "Expired" and your access is restricted to the list view. In the main menu, next to your user-name you can check when your access expires: "Expires in ...".
  • How do I get credits?

    - By adding events. Depending on the quality, completeness and description of the event, you can get up to 10 credits.

    - By adding missing info in the comments of an event.

    - By checking an event (OK / FALSE).

    - By converting an event from an event-list to a single event. There are two types of list entries: Single Events and Event Lists. If you find an event on a event list which is currently not listed as a single event, just add it as single event.

My vipCal Menu
  • My Events?
    A list of all the events you added.
  • My Prefs?

    Your preferences for adding & searching for events.

    - Preferred City/Country:
    Used as a pre-fill for adding events and the initial search after logging in.

    - Predefined Searches:
    Add your favorite cities and countries as a comma separated list.
    eg: New York,Paris,London
    Each city will be shown as a seperate link in the main menu.

    - Cluster Searches:
    Search several cities at once. Define a city cluster by it's cluster-name, followed by a colon, followed by a comma sperated list of the cities.

    Big3:Los Angeles,London,Paris

    In the main menu you will then find a link Big3. Just click it to search in Los Angeles, London and Paris simultaniously.

    - Start Page:
    Select the initial page after your login:
    A search of your PREFERRED CITY
    A search of your PREFERRED COUNTRY
    Your STATS PAGE.

  • My profile?
    Your user-name, email and contact info.
  • My Password?
    Click here to change your password.
  • My Stats?
    Some statistical info about your account.
  • The site behaves strangely. Any browser requirements?

    - Yes: Turn javascript on. You will loose a fair amount of functionality without javascript. If you don't know what javascript is, just update your browser to the latest version.

    - Try NOT to use Microsoft Internet Explorer. With Explorer the site generally feels slow and has visual and functional quirks. Explorer adheres very badly to web-standards and there's no reason to support an outlaw, just because he shows up everywhere.

    - Better browser alternatives: Firefox - Chrome - Opera - Safari.

    - We are beta - and happily receiving your bug reports.

  • I lost my password. Now what?
    Click here.
Anything else?
  • Yes!
    Don't forget: An event a day keeps the doctor away!